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     The Regents' Writing Primer:
Work through the table, in order, from top to bottom.  Be sure to do an
assignment if it is attached to a reading.

Writing Primer
Readings Assignments
A Writing Primer Reading Assignment 1
Questions of Fact, Value, or Policy Assignment 2:  Analyzing and Dividing
Beginning the Writing ...  
Attention Getting Devices  
Body Paragraphs Podcast:  Research Primer  (direct link to file)
Concrete Examples  
Linking Statements  
Review, Restate, Tieback  
Argumentative Essays  
Sample of a B- C+ Essay  

Vividness and Clarity
Podcast: Vividness and Clarity   (direct link to file)

Assignment 3:  Vividness and clarity
Sample Essay Topics More Sample Essay Topics
Common Critical Marks and What They Mean Assignment 4:  Puttin' it all together
  Reading Assignment 2

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