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Critical Information for

Dr. Murphy’s Online Students:

To Obtain your WebCT Password:

The process for the students to obtain their ids and passwords: your user id is the same as the student’s FVSU email id before the” @” sign; for example, for John Smith, whose email is:  jsmith1@se.fvsu.edu, jsmith1 would be the user id. Your password is the same as your PIN for accessing Banner Web.  If you have never accessed your campus mail before or don't know your Banner or email password, click here to head over to the FVSU Claws student portal ( claws.fvsu.edu ).  You will find prompts there to assist you.

If you have changed your PIN in Banner web, please contact Amanda Glover at 825-6228. She needs to know so that the change can be made in Vista.  

If there are problems with your userid or password: please call Amanda Glover at 825-6228 at the Office of Information Technology. Or visit her office in room 114 of the CTM building.

To Log In To The Class:

Go to https://fvsu.view.usg.edu  Click on “Log in.”  Type in your WebCT ID (See above).  Type in your WebCT password.  Your password is the same as your PIN for accessing Banner Web.  Click  “Logon.”

 Choose the appropriate course.  If you have trouble logging on, make sure you have typed everything correctly.  If you are still having trouble, contact WebCT Help right away.

 All course information is contained within the course.  Be sure to look over the FAQ files first.  If you have questions, contact me via email at: murphyk@fvsu.edu or Sophist@Bigfoot.com.  Remember, I cannot make long-distance calls from FVSU.

 Technical Requirements: 

You must be using a PC running Windows 98 or better, or an iMac or PowerPC running at least OS 8.1.  The faster your internet access is, the better.  You must have a Java (see Java.com for the latest version) enabled Web browser (Explorer or Firefox [see mozilla.org] are my recommendations).  I recommend Firefox; but be sure you have the most recent version of Java installed if you are using Firefox.  Proprietary browsers such as AOL and Prodigy have caused some Java-related problems in the past and you may want to load a secondary browser especially if you are an AOL subscriber.  Microsoft Word is an essential program for writing courses.

Be sure to keep hard copies and back-up soft copies of all your work.  Keeping it all on one flash drive is a recipe for disaster.

 You must have an active and CURRENT anti-virus software.  If you send me a virused attachment, I will not accept any other mail from you.  You will also need access to a printer.

 Email:  Sophist@Bigfoot.Com

If you've managed to get successfully logged into the course and you are still having problems. . . .Try pushing the panic button. 

Click Here to Get Firefox