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Resources for avoiding PLAGIARISM

So, you've gotten a paper back that accuses you of being a bit sloppy with your research and/or source citation.  Or maybe the professor is bold enough to have actually accused you of committing the "P" word.  Or, possibly worse, you are thinking of committing the ultimate academic sin of plagiarizing that term paper or essay examination.  Or simply buying a paper from a frat brother or one of those online services....What's so wrong with that?

What's so wrong with that?  Actually, a lot.

Among other reasons it is illegal, you can be fined or tossed out of the University, and even if you are not caught you are only hurting yourself by denying yourself the chance to learn the subject matter and how to properly research and construct and cite a research project.  Ahem, isn't the educational experience one of the main reasons you paid to come to school?  You wouldn't buy a movie ticket and then happily sit there if someone covered your eyes and just told you how the plot was going to play out; would you?  You are also damaging not only your reputation but the reputation and the value of your own FVSU degree.

For more information about the big "P" and how to avoid it, check out these excellent sites:

  • What is Plagiarism?  an FAQ from Georgetown U.

  • Purdue tackles plagiarism

  • Indiana University's take on the subject

  • Ohio State Defines Plagiarism and offers some assistance

  • Plagiarism is bad, m'kay?  from University of Cal. at Davis

  • Rutgers offers the following Examples of Plagiarism

  • US laws regarding plagiarism (no kidding)

  • Wikipedia sez....

  • How the pros and teachers catch plagiarism


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